1- Introduction

The RMC of La Matapédia, owner of the La Matapédia trademark, which is intended to promote tourism across the territory of La Matapédia, also has official accounts on social media where it shares information with visitors. The La Matapédia social media accounts are linked to the lamatapedia.ca website, which promotes user-generated content with the aim of promoting the territory and informing the population and visitors.


2- User-Generated Content

User-generated content refers to photos, videos, texts, images, video files, audio files, location data, comments and other materials shared on social media by users, which may then be used by the RMC of La Matapédia through its La Matapédia trademark for promotional, marketing and informational purposes, and for all other visitor-related services.


3- Sharing of Information

Users who share content on social media with the RMC of La Matapédia under the La Matapédia trademark using the #lamatapedia hashtag, hereby agree to share their information. The RMC of La Matapédia can then use the user-generated content across the following platforms and social media sites, including, but not limited to, the lamatapedia.ca website, the Visitez La Matapédia Facebook page, and the Visitezlamatapedia Instagram account.

4- Credits

The RMC of La Matapédia, through its La Matapédia trademark, commits to identify the author of any content using the username or other information provided with the #lamatapedia hashtag, and will do so across all platforms.